Wafra & Capital Constellation

Wafra is an investment firm established to build long-term prosperity for asset owners around the world. They came to us looking for a new brand and system that included a redesign of their website. Designed at Carbone Smolan Agency

Website: Wafra.com
Role: Senior Designer
Service: Identity & Brand Design, Visual Design, UX
Logotype Inspiration

We worked closely with type designer Jesse Regan to developed a customed logotype that was inspired by Arabic digital typefaces and the font amplitude designed by Christian Schwartz.
Visual Toolkit

Aerial imagery of natural landscapes inspired the brand language. Abundance is one of the brand attributes, and we felt that the photography captured that essence. We also created a system of shapes that can be used in color or as a holding device for visual content. We kept the color system simple, opting for a more conservative and sophisticated approach.
Website Redesign

We restructured the content and pages to simplify the user experience and to help bring the important content higher on the site hierarchy. This approach enabled us to streamline the navigation and sub-navigation.

Capital Constellation Branding

Part of the Wafra rebrand was to create a new identity for their innovative joint venture. We designed the logo, visual system, and microsite, keeping it close to the Wafra branding. 
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