Stanford Industry Relations & Digital Health

Within Stanford School of Medicine, the Digital Health and Industry Relations team is creating the next significant partnership that merges high-level research with product development. They needed a website that could showcase their partnership process, case studies, and helpful resources. Designed at Happy Cog

Role: Lead Designer & Creative Director
Service: Visual Design, UX 
A Branding Moment

Even though The IRDH team is part of the School of Medicine, they still wanted a website that had a look and feel different from the official Stanford website system. We developed a visual system that spoke about the tension between faculty and tech.  
Flexible Case Study Pages

We develop a set of templates with modular flexibility, which allows the IRDH team to showcase different types of content. For the case studies pages, this meant they could let the project dictate the way the page can look and what kind of information to display.
Visual Toolkit

We continued to develop the brand, creating a unique iconography language that they could use for their infographics and other information graphics. We also created a photography guide that could help the internal team or freelance photographers, pick or choose photography with a consistent look and feel.
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