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Snapchat rolled out a new campaign, and at the center of it, it revealed a new manifesto. The latest manifesto was part of Snapchat's new messaging, distancing itself from the other social media apps. We designed a website to showcase the new messaging. Designed At Play.

Role: Visual and interaction design

The campaign website
The Snapchat team aired the campaign commercial at the Grammys and the Superbowl and placed print ads across multiple major cities. For each of these touchpoints, the campaign drove users to the campaign website, where they could read the whole manifest and access in-depth articles about how Snapchat is working to make the platform less about likes and more about community.

Visual system
We used much of the campaign's visual system across the website, creating a more cohesive experience from video/physical to digital. We did add another layer of visual intrigue with some of the hovers, scroll behavior, and emoji stickers used across the site. This layer of interactivity helped to strike a balance between highlighting the content while still giving the site some of the energy the commercial and some of the print media had.
  • Experimenting with different scrolling behaviors

  • Snapchat emojis helped us give the manifesto an added layer of excitement.
  • The scrolling experience highlights one paragraph at a time, pausing the user to digest each piece of information.
  • Hyperlinks within paragraphs give users more content to explore.
  • Users can use the reference panel to access all the extra content quickly.
  • Users can re-watch the commercial or download the Snapchat app at the end of the manifesto.

Project team
  • Desing director: Kyle Beck
  • Project manager: Lindsay McMenamin 
  • Visual & Interaction design: Jaime Patino-Calvo
  • Developer: Chris Malven
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