Elkus Manfredi Architects

Elkus Manfredi is a full-service architecture firm known for its national and international work in mixed-use placemaking that fosters community and creative innovation. They were looking for a website redesign and a new content strategy. Designed at Carbone Smolan Agency

Website: elkus-manfredi.com
Role: Design Lead 
Service: UX, Visual Design, Content Strategy

Visual System

The concept was about connectivity and how architecture is the thread that connects people and places. We used their logo as the visual metaphor, using the red line as the connecting thread. As the user scrolls, the centerline appears and connects other elements on the page.
Filtering System

We help the internal thinking about a better way to categorize their content and projects. This exercise helped simplify the way they were tagging content on the back-end, and it also helped to streamline the filtering system in the portfolio page.

Modular System

We designed a modular template for the project page, which gave freedom to the internal team to add different content types. These content types are people spotlight, client quotes, accolades, and project imagery — flexibility they didn’t have before.
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